We are dedicated to helping companies optimize the health and happiness of their workforce

We’re helping individuals, professionals & their organizations achieve their version of optimal health.

Our team of experts gets to know our clients helping them to focus on a clear roadmap to achieving set goals.

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Our Mission

To optimize the health and wellness of our community and our planet using a holistic approach to stress-free living.

Our Team

Steven Bumbry

Founding Partner

Multiple life-changing injuries forced a career change when Steven was just 25 years old. Former Baltimore Oriole turned massage therapist, yoga teacher and entrepreneur, he is deeply passionate about living and teaching holistically. Steven gets an enormous amount of satisfaction working 1:1 with clients as a Massage Therapist. He includes educating them on what he feels happening in their body and giving them tools for taking care of themselves between massage treatments. Steven also serves as a certified Continuing Education provider for Massage Therapists and Yoga Teachers.

Janice Ingson Bumbry

Founding Partner

Janice found yoga to be an integral supplement to her career in corporate America; one that provided her a method to balance her personal and professional lives. Janice brings 13+ years of experience teaching uses her leadership skills and breadth of yoga knowledge and experience to reach students of all experience levels. In 2015, Janice created the Balanced Life School of Yoga, where she guided trainees to their 200-hour Yoga Teacher certification until 2020. Janice currently manages the yoga classes for all of our corporate and private yoga clients, ensuring that all of our clients are getting a program that is beneficial and meaningful for them.


Sales & Marketing

Tyler has been with Bee Well since day 1. Using is passion and background in marketing to kick-start the Bee Well Living social media. Tyler continues to connect our brand with the communities that we serve, he has put our products on the shelves of your favorite stores in Maryland.

In his free time, he will most likely be playing keyboards in one of several bands that travel the East Coast!



Lex has cultivated her passion for athletics and holistic wellness following her high school sports years. Lex received her degree in Agricultural Economics, she took a short but influential trip to California where she learned how important of a role CBD plays in the everyday lives for pain and improving overall well-being. She is also passionate about travel, disc golf and her cat. These days Lex enjoys playing disc golf, practicing Yoga traveling and spending time with her cat to keep balance across many aspects of her life!


Video & Media

Colin is a graduate of the University of Maryland, with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management. After struggling with anxiety and depression throughout adolescence, he discovered the healing power of a Yoga and mindfulness practices. In his senior year of college, Colin became a RYT-200 Yoga teacher through Balanced Life School of Yoga. Colin is adamant that the only way to control the mind is to start with the body, which is why he’s passionate about stress management and biohacking as a means of living longer and living more fully.

Alexa Bedingfield Rose


Alexa is a Maryland-based licensed nutritionist, yoga and fitness instructor. She completed herMasters of Science in Nutrition and Integrative Health at Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH) in 2019 and is now a Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) and Licensed Dietitian-Nutritionist. Alexa provides a Health at Every Size (HAES) informed approach to care, meaning that she celebrates and honors the diversity of her clients’ bodies and provide affirming care to individuals of all sizes, ages, races, ethnicities, genders, dis/ability, and sexual orientations.

Elizabeth Scollan

Workplace Yoga & Meditation

Elizabeth discovered yoga in 2006 as a means to relieve a stressful work life. She was amazed at how much more whole and healthy she felt and has been practicing ever since. The profound effects, along with her enthusiasm, guided her to complete her yoga teacher training in 2011.

Lisa Palumbo Brune

Wokplace Yoga

Lisa first came to yoga as a means of exercise, but once she felt the joy of breath and movement together, it became an integral part of her life. The numerous benefits of yoga revealed themselves with each class she took, and she found yoga as a pathway to managing stress and cultivating awareness of each moment.

David Martin

Workplace Yoga + Meditation

David combines his skill set as a yoga teacher, bodyworker, and as an energy and sound healer. He uses his unique skillset to create an immersive experience for his students through yoga and sound meditation. It is David’s mission to share this uniquely powerful experience of harmony and balance with as many people and communities as he can.